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Our office (registration number 253) focuses on the supply of Immigration related consulting services. We provide services on every case related to immigration, working in foreign countries or working in Cyprus. CSK Zachariou – Immigration consultants was founded in January 2014. Since then we have provided solutions to every case that was assigned to us.

 Taking in consideration the expertise of Mr. Kostas Zachariou and his long career in immigration consulting and Cyprus Police (Immigration Department) we promise that you will be glad you chose us.

Our Services

Immigration Consulting in Cyprus

Our Company, CSK Zachariou, provides advices for any immigration related case. Every case is different and we treat every case as a different matter in a unique way. We are solely focused on client’s requirements and we always provide the highest possible quality of service. Contact us to discuss your inquiry and provide an immediate solution.

Issue and renewal of immigration license in Cyprus

We handle the issue and renewal of staying permit in Cyprus for anyone from any country that wants to stay in Cyprus. To see our service in detail please click here

housekeeper_estate_domestic_staffing1House Maids in Cyprus

House Keepers or House workers are really important part of every Cyprus home when the need is increased. For some homes the support from house keepers, helpers and house workers is necessary. You can see the criteria for being eligible for a house keeper in Cyprus by clicking the link.

Workers and support staff in Cyprus

To be able to work in Cyprus one must hold a temporary working and living permit for Cyprus. To ensure entry / stay / registration permission should be requested. Click here for more information.

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