Our company (Registration number 253) focuses on providing immigration-related services, relocation services and immigration consulting services. Our company was established on January 2012 and operates since then.

With multiple years of experience, Mr. Kostas Zachariou guarantees the best quality outcome that is possible to happen. Mr. Kostas Zachariou has experience from 2014 on immigration consulting and over 27 years as an immigration officer for the Immigration Department of Cyprus.

With our extensive experience as a company, we guarantee that our clients will be glad they chose us for their immigration-related consulting services.




Mediation for the citizenship placing for the Republic of Cyprus or citizens of another Member State citizens in jobs outside the Republic of Cyprus.

Mediation for the citizenship placing the Republic or citizens of another Member State in jobs in Republic of Cyprus.

Mediation for installing third-country nationals to jobs in the Republic of Cyprus.