Residence permits for foreigners in Cyprus

Our company undertakes the issuing and renewal of residence permits in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. The immigration department of CSK Zachariou operates since 2012. The people responsible for issuing and renewing residence permits have extensive experience. The office handles the issuing and renewal of people, families and business permits.

The agency undertakes:

Issuing residence permits for third world country residents

  • Temporary Residence permit
  • Permanent Residence permit (Rule 6(2))
  • Permanent Residence permit (Class F)
  • Temporary Residence permit for working on multinational companies
  • Reunion of families for people who are working in Cyprus

Permits of international companies

  • Issuing a residence permit for people that are working in multinational companies
  • Issuing residence permit for the families of the worker

Cyprus Investment Program


  • Marriage with a citizen of Cyprus (more than 3 years)
  • A mother of Cypriot Citizen living in Cyprus for more than 5 years
  • Staying in Cyprus for more than 7 years